We aim to provide you top class assistance in Financial Compliance

We currently offer you below services. This list will be expanding! Please Contact Us to know more about our offerings in any of the below services.

 Service Description Price
 Preparation of Financial StatementsPreparing Balance Sheet and Statement of Profit & Loss and/or other relevant statements (case to case basis)***
Cash/Fund flow projectionsPreparing and maintaining projections of cash/fund flows - can be a handy tool for anyone who would like to manage their personal/business finances***
 Customised business reports Preparing custom business reports to suit your business needs - it could be investment tracking, receivables tracking, inventory tracking, and so on***
 Income Tax Return FilingFiling of Income Tax return***
Income Tax Assessment ProceedingsAssisting with Income Tax Assessment proceedings
 GST Returns FilingFiling of relevant GST returns for applicable periodicity of such returns***
 GST Assessment ProceedingsAssisting with GST Assessment proceedings***
Other miscellaneous tax assistance This includes miscellaneous services like obtaining PAN/GST registration, providing opinion/interpretation on provisions of these regulations, etc.***
 Data Preparation
Modifying raw data to prepare it for relevant service (this will be applicable only where a reasonable effort is required to modify and/or collate data - this will be communicated before any service is offered/agreed)***
Complete PackageIf you are a small business looking to expand in a sustainable manner, we strongly recommend this service - this includes a third party supported, fully featured cloud accounting package, which is completely scalable, and go a long way in growing your business. This package includes features like GST compliant Invoicing, Billing, Receivables/Payables Management and much more.***
Cloud Accounting Migration and ImplementationThis includes migrating the accounts and tax data from manual or other offline/non-integrated accounting tools, to the third party cloud accounting package or any other electronic accounting packages as per your requirements.***


  1. Prices are currently not disclosed, since we are offering special pricing to first 100 clients. The price advantage available to these first 100 clients as against subsequent clients will be communicated to them and will always be available to them throughout the service relationship and is non transferable.
  2. Clients opting for Income Tax Return Filing service will be eligible for complimentary assistance with Income Tax Assessment Proceedings as well, in respect of such filed Income Tax returns. However, this offer is limited to e-proceedings only.
  3. Our pricing is distinguished for 2 distinct category of clients - Clients having (amongst various sources of income) Profits/Gains from Business/Profession and Clients having (all or any) source of income, except for Profits/Gains from Business/Profession. However, the pricing will be genuinely competitive.
  4. GST return filing service will have to be combined with 'Preparation of Financial Statements' for most cases.
  5. If you need a related service which is not listed above, please feel free to Contact Us and we would consider adding it depending on overall demand. Also, for the time being we shall make an effort to link you to a service provider who can provide you best in class service at competitive pricing.